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PNA FISH probes hybridize to target DNA with high sensitivity and specificity mainly due to the electrical neutrality of its chemical structure. This trait enables PNA probes to be more efficient and useful in applying to FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) even at low concentrations. Hybridization occurs fast (within a couple of hours) and background noise is reduced significantly. 

PNA Bio offers telomere, centromere , and CAG repeat probes as catalog items. If you need other target specific probes, we can provide a custom PNA probe synthesis service. 

TelC is C-rich a telomere probe for a leading strand (repeats of TAACCC) and TelG is a G-rich telomere probe for lagging strand (repeats of TTAGGG). Both TelC and TelG PNA telomere probes work with human, mouse, and rat chromosomes.

CENPB probe is a binding site for centromere protein B (CENP-B), one of the major centromere-specific proteins. The probe sequence is ATTCGTTGGAAACGGGA, and it stains minor satellite of all human and mouse centromere except the Y chromosome.

Cent probe is specific for human alpha satellite centromere and does not react to the mouse.


The sequence of the probe is AAACTAGACAGAAGCAT. 



F1001   TelC-FAM  C-rich telomere probe,FAM labeled   5 nmole

F1002   TelC-Cy3   C-rich telomere probe,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F1003   TelC-Cy5   C-rich telomere probe, Cy5 labeled   5 nmole

F1004   TelC-Alexa488   C-rich telomere probe,Alexa Fluor 488 labeled   5 nmole

F1005   TelG-FAM   G-rich telomere probe,FAM labeled   5 nmole

F1006   TelG-Cy3   G-rich telomere probe,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F1007   TelG-Cy5   G-rich telomere probe,Cy5 labeled   5 nmole

F1008   TelG-Alexa488   G-rich telomere probe,Alexa Fluor 488 labeled   5 nmole

F1009   TelC-FITC   C-rich telomere probe,FITC labeled   5 nmole

F1010   TelG-FITC   G-rich telomere probe,FITC labeled   5 nmole

F1013   TelC-Alexa647   C-rich telomere probe, Alexa Fluor 647 labeled   5 nmole

F1014   TelG-Alexa647   G-rich telomere probe,Alexa Fluor 647 labeled   5 nmole

F1020   aTelC-Alexa488   TelC probe for arthropods,Alexa Fluor 488 labeled   5 nmole

F2001   TelC-Biotin   C-rich telomere probe,Biotin labeled   5 nmole

F2002   TelG-Biotin   G-rich telomere probe, Biotin labeled   5 nmole

F3001   CENPB-FAM   Centromere probe,FAM labeled   5 nmole

F3002   CENPB-Cy3   Centromere probe,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F3004   CENPB-Alexa488   Centromere probe,Alexa Fluor 488 labeled   5 nmole

F3005   CENPB-Cy5   Centromere probe,Cy5 labeled   5 nmole

F3008   CENPB-Biotin   Centromere probe,Biotin labeled   5 nmole

F3009   CENPBR-Cy3   Reverse complement of CENPB probe,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F3003   CENT-Cy3   Centromere probe,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F3006   CENT-FAM   Centromere probe,FAM labeled   5 nmole

F3007   CENT-RC-A488   Reverse complement of CENT probe, Alexa488 labeled   5 nmole

F5001   (CAG)5-Cy3   CAG repeats,Cy3 labeled   5 nmole

F5002   (CAG)-Cy5   CAG repeats,Cy5 labeled   5 nmole


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