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Optical coupling gel primarily used to match the refractive index of fused Silica and BK-7 glass but can be utilized for other glasses.

Optical Gels

Optical Gel Codes 0607 and 0608 are optically and chemically nearly identical, and both are used for coupling optical fibers and other optical components, and for mode stripping. Optical Gel Code 0607 is a thinner gel than 0608 and, upon standing, the surface of 0607 will normally appear to be fluid. Code 0608 appears to be much less fluid.

Optical Gel nD 1.46 Code 0607

Cat #: 24230

Code: 0607

Optical Gel nD 1.46 Code 0608

Cat #: 24231

Code : 0608

Optical Gel nD 1.52 Code 081160

Cat #: 24317

Code : 081160

Sub-Lux Gels

Application: This profoundly black gel minimizes ghost images caused by secondary reflections off of a lens surface. When the gel is near the refractive index of a glass element, light going through the glass goes into the gel and is trapped by absorption in sub-micron particles of black pigment.

All Cargille Sub-Lux gels are very stable and will not harden, dry out, or evaporate.

Sub-Lux nD 1.46 Code 0608C

Cat #: 24310

Code: 0608C

Sub-Lux nD 1.52 Code 081160C

Cat #: 24320

Code: 081160C

Sub-Lux nD 1.54 Code 081160C

Cat #: 24330

Code: 081160C


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