CLASSICAL MEDIA STERILE LIQUIDS                                                     Cat# MCL-029-500ML

Ham's F-12

With L-Glutamine

Ham’s F-12, was originally formulated as a synthetic, serum-free media for the culturing of single-cell Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. It is now widely used for a variety of mammalian cell types. Ham's F-12 may require serum or protein supplementation, depending on the type of cells being cultured. Ham’s F-12, is used for the culture of chondrocytes and rat prostate epithelial cells, Chick embryo pigmented retina, embryonic lung cells, and skeletal muscle.

Origin :Not Applicable

Quantity :500 ml

Storage :2 to 8°C

Shelf Life :12 months

HS Code :3821 0000

Price :12.70

Product Code :MCL-029-500ML

Supplement :L-Glutamine, Phenol Red, Sterile Filtered


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