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ZytoLight FISH Probes



ZytoLight® system uses directly labeled FISH probes, which eliminate the need to detect the probes with fluorophore-coupled antibodies. The unique ZytoLight® Direct Label System II and the ZytoLight® Repeat Subtraction Technique lead to:

•Improved signal intensity

•Advanced specificity and sensitivity

•Less background

ZytoLight® products are designed for the identification of genetic aberrations e.g. translocations, deletions, amplifications, and chromosomal aneuploidies by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cell samples, blood or bone marrow smears, and metaphase chromosome spreads. 

Method Description & ZytoLight® Fluorochromes 

The ZytoLight® system uses direct labeled FISH probes. The probes are detected by fluorescence microscopy using appropriate filter sets. Due to an exciter filter, full-spectrum light, emitted by the microscope lamp, is reduced to light of a defined wavelength that specifically excites the fluorophore of the probe. This light is reflected onto the specimen by a dichroic mirror. The fluorophore emits light of longer wavelengths that passes the mirror. Finally, a barrier filter reduces the emitted light to a defined wavelength that can be detected.

Two factors that mainly influence FISH analyses:

•Fluorochromes of the FISH probes

•Appropriate filter sets

ZytoLight® Kits – Convenient Solutions

For making FISH analysis reliable and user-friendly, all ZytoLight® FISH probes can be combined with the ZytoLight® FISH-Tissue Implementation Kit (Z-2028-5/-20) for FISH analyses on tissue specimens or with the ZytoLight® FISH-Cytology Implementation Kit (Z-2099-20) for FISH analyses on cytology specimens. Both Implementation Kits include all necessary pretreatment solutions, wash buffers and DAPI/Antifade solution and a detailed protocol to perform successful FISH experiments. Additionally, for some major targets, complete kits including probes and all necessary reagents are available.


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