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ZytoMation FISH Probes



The ZytoMation® probes combine the known high quality of the ZytoVision probes for Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) with an automated workflow. They are designed for fully automated FISH to detect genetic aberrations such as translocations and amplifications in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections on the Leica BONDTM Systems.

Fully automated Probes for the BONDTM System

•Ready-to-use probes

•Reduced hands-on time

•High quality results

•Fully automated 5 h protocol

Method Description

The ZytoMation® system uses direct-labeled FISH probes, making it compatible with automated staining protocols. A successful use of the ZytoMation® probes requires the Leica BONDTM FISH Kit (DS9636). Before starting the Leica BONDTM System, the Leica BONDTM FISH Kit has to be complemented with the BONDTM Enzyme Pretreatment Kit and the ready-to-use ZytoMation® FISH probe transferred to the BONDTM Titration Kit. The probes can be used in combination with several BONDTM Systems:



•Leica BONDTM RXm (RUO).

The FISH signals are detected by fluorescence microscopy using appropriate filter sets.

Two factors that mainly influence FISH analyses:

•Fluorochromes of the FISH probes

•Appropriate filter sets

Compatible Mounting Solutions – long lasting, brilliant FISH signals

•DAPI/DuraTectTM-Solution, 0.8 ml, 150 ng DAPI/ml (MT-0007-0.8)

•DAPI/DuraTectTM-Solution (ultra), 0.8 ml, 1360 ng DAPI/ml (MT-0008-0.8)



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