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Company introduction

Hong Kong Scientific Instruments Materials Limited (Hereinafter referred to as HKSIML) was founded on November 12, 2008. Located at 89 Queensway, Hong Kong, The company has a group of professional biotechnology professionals focused on innovative services of biological products. Products cover a wide range of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biomedicine, cytogenetics and other fields, reliable quality, The company provides a variety of conventional biochemical reagents, stock more than 1,000 products, can provide all kinds of professional reagents for the vast number of scientific researchers.

HKSIML is the distributor of Zytovision, Marabu, Grifols, Access cell culture, Cargille Sacher Laboratories , Bioscreen, Serana, Capricorn Scientific, Agulos Biotech, Empire Genomics, Cytogen, Cone Bioproducts and Biowest etc.. Hong Kong Scientific Instruments Materials Limited provides customers with high-quality in situ hybridization detection reagents, Fetal bovine serum, human serum, Human platelet lysate, Cell culture medium etc. At the same time, Hong Kong Scientific Instruments Materials Limited adheres to the international standards and focuses on cooperation and exchange with international advanced enterprises. At present, Hong Kong Has established close partnerships with famous enterprises such as Sigma, Hyclone etc., and provides product agency, market consulting and other services.

Customer satisfaction is the most important yardstick to measure our work performance. Employees are the most important wealth of the company. The improvement of employees' quality and professional knowledge is the growth of the company's wealth. Continuous innovation is the development track of HKSIML The quality of products and services is the lifeline of HKSIML Brand is a mirror of the company's products and services, to find and develop the most suitable for our market and strive to achieve the highest share, one of the basic principles of business activities, the goal is high-tech, professional, international.


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